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It’s the time of year when many of us experience seasonal tooth pain. What is seasonal tooth pain? It’s when Spring and Summer flowers and weeds fill the air with irritants that affect the body and teeth. As sinuses swell, additional pressure is put upon the sensitive root system of the teeth causing seasonal tooth pain.

Seasonal Tooth Pain Symptoms

Let’s begin with the sore throat. Allergens inflame the sinus causing them to drain. This allows fluid to drip down into your throat causing soreness. The soreness will cause itching, swelling, and pain similar to a throat infection. Many times, this swelling will affect your ears and your teeth. That is one of the first symptoms of seasonal tooth pain.

The sinuses are meant to drain upward causing mucous congestion in the ears thus putting pressure on your teeth.  This is another symptom of seasonal tooth pain.

Finally, seasonal tooth pain can cause sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages.

Seasonal Tooth Pain and Dry Mouth

Along with the seasonal tooth pain another symptom of seasonal allergies is dry mouth.

Dry mouth caused by allergies and allergy medications greatly reduce the natural saliva that keeps our teeth healthy. Since saliva contains natural antibacterial enzymes, the lack of saliva increases the risk of cavities and halitosis. Seasonal tooth pain can result, but even worse is the formation of cavities from lack of saliva.

Distinguishing Seasonal Tooth Pain from Infection

If you are an allergy sufferer, it’s easy to blame tooth pain on allergies. However, tooth pain can be caused by more serious issues. How do you know the difference? You don’t!  Only a dental professional can determine what is causing the pain in your teeth.

Tooth pain, whether seasonal tooth pain or infection, is a signal to make your dental appointment.

At Fisher Dental, Dr. Todd Fisher has been treating patients for seasonal tooth pain for many years. The experience and modern dentistry practiced at Fisher Dental can assure you that any oral health problem you are experiencing will be treated. Fisher Dental is in the business of making you healthy through advanced dentistry and practical application.

Call Fisher Dental today and find out how wonderful it is to live without seasonal tooth pain.

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