The easiest, least expensive and most comfortable dental treatment is regular dental care. When you visit us every 6 months and we work together as a team, you’ll have a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime and we get a satisfaction that we achieved our main goal – help you have a great smile, great oral health, and better overall health.

We offer our Fisher Dental Wellness Plan for patients who are not presently covered under dental insurance. This program provides basic dental services at a substantial savings and a discount on other services.

Your Best Smile is a Fisher Smile!

As a valued customer, we would like to offer you and your family affordable dental coverage. This is NOT an insurance plan, but rather an in-house premier dental plan that allows you to save on all dental procedures, with no limits or deductibles.

Pricing (per year)
$299 for Individual
$449 for Individual + Spouse
$99 per child (under 18)

Benefits (per year)
2 Free Exams (1 every 6 months)
2 Free Cleanings (does not include periodontal disease maintenance)
1 Full Set of Xrays
20% off all other dental procedures (fillings, crowns, veneers, root canals, etc.)

The Fisher Dental Wellness Plan is a one (1) year contract and may be renewed annually at the participant’s request. Fee must be paid for in full for the year. No monthly payments. All covered services must be used within the contract year from the date of enrollment. Services cannot be carried over.

Contracts cannot be shared and are not transferable. This plan cannot be combined with any other offer or existing dental insurance. Must be paid in full prior to receiving benefits. If a perio patient needs SRP, you will still get 20% off. For perio maintenance, you will likely have 3 month recalls (4 appts per year). With the plan, you will still get 2 of those free, but will pay for the other 2 (every other appt) with the 20% discount.