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A recent comedy skit entitled “Flossing: There will be Blood” was a reference to people who floss only two days before their dental visit. The joke was “your dentist always knows!”. The unfortunate truth is that when flossing produces blood, that is not a comedy.

Why Flossing is so Important

Flossing is the best way for us to remove food particles collected between our teeth after meals. Why is this important? Because food particles can contain acid or sugar and when left to sit in between our teeth these particles form harmful plaque. Plaque is an unhealthy collection of sticky, gummy residue that allow bacteria to attach itself and to harvest germs that destroy our teeth, our gums and our overall health.

Many people don’t take this seriously as evidenced in the comedy skit mentioned earlier. Since lots of people got a laugh out of it, then it means all those folks can relate to the joke; not flossing until just days before their dental appointment. It may have been a funny flossing joke for the TV host, but more people than not do have bleeding gums from lack of flossing. The bleeding indicates deterioration and infection. That’s not a good thing!

Not flossing can also affect your social and professional life. Sounds silly? Not when you think about the bad breath caused by bacteria. Most people won’t tell you that your breath is offensive, but you can be sure that if your gums are bleeding, your breath is not pleasant and fresh.

It’s important to remember that once your gums have become diseased you need immediate dental care to help stop deterioration from advancing and to turn the condition around by adopting a healthy flossing regimen. People are very resistant to flossing, but once they get into the habit of cleaning teeth after meals or beverages, they will see and feel an amazing difference. Gums will be healthier, teeth will feel clean, and breath will improve and be fresh with proper care.

Flossing and Regular Dental Visits

It’s important not to be part of the joke about people who floss only two days before their dental visit. If your gums are bleeding and you think you have the beginnings of gum infection, please take the time to call Fisher Dental in Murfreesboro, TN.

The name Fisher Dental does, in fact, mean CARE. You never have to feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth and gums because, at Fisher Dental, no one is there to judge you. Dr. Todd Fisher and his staff are professionals who are there to care for you and to bring your oral health back to optimum condition. Partnering up with your dentist and your dental hygienist means bi-annual dental visits that include an oral exam and a professional cleaning. If you are experiencing an oral health problem, Dr. Fisher will work with you to get you back to a healthy smile in no time!

Call Fisher Dental today and regain a healthy beautiful smile and the confidence of clean fresh breath from practicing a daily flossing regimen and maintaining a schedule of regular dental visits.

Fisher Dental: Your go-to dentist in Murfreesboro Remember, with Fisher Dental we are here to help!  Contact Fisher Dental today and find out why Dr. Todd Fisher has been a trusted resource. Serving Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Fisher Dental will make you feel right at home. Make your appointment today for patient-centered dental care and a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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