Diet too Much and You Could Harm Your Teeth

If you have been contemplating weight loss pay close attention to the method you use. According to your dentist in Murfreesboro, a weight loss diet may help lower the numbers on the scale, but it won’t do much for your teeth and gums. Below are a few diets to steer clear of if you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A Diet Low in Fat

Eating a diet that is low in fat interferes with fat-soluble vitamin absorption. That means you won’t be getting all of the vitamins you need that include A, D, E, K and D. All of these vitamins are essential for oral help, especially vitamin D as it helps you absorb much needed calcium. If you can’t get the vitamins you need your body won’t absorb calcium and your bones and teeth will break down. Fat also helps produce dopamine, which improves the mood. You will be more anxious if your diet is low in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Keto Low Carb Diet

You will know immediately if a friend or family member is on a keto diet because of their breath. If the diet is working, people on keto diets have breath that smells like acetone or rotten fruit. This means the body is burning fat, not carbohydrates. Your dentist in Murfreesboro recommends that you freshen your breath by chewing on mint and parsley or by drinking a lot more water. If you can do it, the best way to keep your breath fresh is to eat a few carbs. The last thing you want to deal with is ketoacidosis that increases blood level acidity. Too many ketones can also begin to burn muscle, not fat.

A Low Calorie Diet and Teeth

Cutting calories is probably the best way to reduce the numbers on the scale. However, if you don’t eat enough food you will be depleting your body of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. Malnutrition is also a big factor when it comes to cutting calories. Without enough food, your enamel will start to soften and your gums will be deficient, you will also have an increased chance of a weak jawbone. This can eventually make your teeth fall out.

Fruit Detoxification Diets

It may seem like a good idea to survive only on fruit, but it is actually a bad idea. Too much fruit, especially citrus fruits, eat away at the enamel on your teeth. There is also the sugar content to consider. Most fruits have high levels of natural sugar putting teeth and gums in a vulnerable position. Malnutrition comes into play as well. If you are going on a non-meat and starch diet, try a vegetable and fruit diet so that you can get the nutrients you need.

Speak to Your Doctor and Your Dentist

A new diet is a big change for oral and overall health. It is important that you discuss your plans with your primary care physician and your dentist before you jump in headfirst. Call, text or book an appointment online with your Murfreesboro dentist today.

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