Dental Fear Only Makes Solutions More Intensive

Dental fear makes things worse. It really is that simple. A mild toothache will always get worse and swollen gums will eventually bleed. Skipping regular dental checkups because of dental anxiety only makes the treatments more intensive. Those intensive dental treatments will also cost you more. Your dentist in Murfreesboro explains that missed dental appointments often result in root canal therapy and periodontal treatment. Both of these procedures are easily avoided with regular dental checkups.  

Don’t Let Dental Fear Make You Sick

Research indicates a link between overall and oral health. If gum disease is an issue, bacteria and plaque enter your bloodstream attaching to the walls of your blood vessels. When the vessels shrink, you are in the high-risk category for heart disease and stroke. If you suffer from gum disease, your oral health is affected as well. With that being said, gum disease is the number one reason adults lose teeth. It is interesting to note that people with Alzheimer’s disease are twice as likely to suffer from gingivitis or the more serious periodontal disease.

Dental Sedation for Dental Fear

Your Murfreesboro dentist offers dental sedation for people with mild to moderate dental anxiety. With dental sedation, dental checkups become a breeze because regular dental checkups prevent more serious and intensive dental treatments such as root canal and periodontal therapy.

Types of Dental Sedation in Murfreesboro

Your dentist in Murfreesboro offers dental sedation for patients suffering from mild to moderate anxiety. Your dentist in Murfreesboro prescribes an oral sedative that you will take the night before, and/or, the day of your dental appointment. Because the effects of oral sedation tend to continue after treatment, you must have someone accompany you to and from your dentist’s office in Murfreesboro. Administered through a tube attached to a mask while you are sitting in the dental chair, laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide is an excellent treatment for dental fear. That tube delivers laughing gas throughout the dental procedure. Nitrous Oxide is turned off and you are free to drive yourself home from the appointment without any lingering effects after treatment.

Put Dental Fear to Rest with Dental Sedation

If you have been skipping regular dental checkups because of dental fear, call and schedule an appointment with a sedation dentist in Murfreesboro. Good oral habits, including regular dental checkups, are the best way to prevent serious dental problems. Don’t let dental fear make you sick. Call and schedule an appointment with your Murfreesboro dentist today.

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