Dental Checkups Just as Important for Kids

Dental checkups are imperative for everyone, but especially kids. While you may not think dental appointments are as important for children as they are for you, you would be sadly mistaken.  Firstly, baby teeth are the blueprint to adult teeth. Secondly, if they aren’t looked after they could cause problems for the rest of your child’s life. By helping your kids develop good oral hygiene habits during their younger years, you’ll prevent bad habits while teaching good ones at the same time. Without good oral hygiene, tooth decay and gum disease is inevitable.

Start Early with the First Tooth

Your Murfreesboro dentist recommends oral health care the moment the first tooth grows in. While baby teeth fall out, they are holding the space for permanent teeth. A healthy mouth is vital for those permanent teeth. Even babies can get tooth decay. Dental checkups should start around the same time. Talk to your dentist about proper oral care for your children and watch for problems with sleeping, eating and chewing, gum inflammation, bleeding and painful teeth. Sadly, six out of ten children under 12 in the United States suffer from tooth decay. Brush baby teeth twice each day with a soft cloth or baby toothbrush. Also, start teaching them how to brush as soon as they are able.

A Healthy Diet and Regular Dental Checkups

A healthy diet is crucial for developing teeth. Keep lots of fresh veggies in the house and keep the junk food out. Chips, candy, and other snacks are horrible for teeth and gums. Pack your kids lunch and provide them with healthy treats after school. Instead of soda or energy, drinks fill them up with water and milk. Juice is okay; just make sure to keep it to a minimum as most juices are loaded with sugar. If you would like to learn more about healthy habits and dental checkups for children’s teeth, call and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Murfreesboro today.

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