Cosmetic Dental Bonding for a Beautiful Smile in 2020

Cosmetic dental bonding could be the answer if you have chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. If you have always wanted a beautiful straight and white smile, you can’t do better than Fisher Dental. Your Murfreesboro dentist has the experience and expertise to give you a beautiful smile.

What is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a process that corrects minor problems such as crooked, chipped, cracked, or stained teeth. Small gaps and teeth that are too short can also be corrected with bonding. Unlike porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns, bonding won’t take two or three dental appointments to complete. Dental bonding can be completed in a single dental visit depending on how much work you are having done. Dental bonding is also reversible. Porcelain veneers and cosmetic dental crowns require some removal of tooth enamel making the process permanent. Cosmetic bonding requires little if any tooth removal and is reversible.

The Process

If your Murfreesboro dentist determines that you are a good candidate for bonding, a liquid is painted on to the tooth or teeth. This allows the bonding to adhere to the tooth permanently. Once the tooth has been etched, dental resin is applied to the tooth or teeth. Once applied it is sculpted into place before being cured with a laser or light. Bonding is permanent but isn’t as strong as veneers or crowns. Dental bonding is also more susceptible to staining.

A New You with Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a less permanent and less expensive cosmetic dental procedure. Cosmetic bonding will last from seven to 10 years, or even longer, as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene means brushing twice and flossing once a day. Your dentist in Murfreesboro also recommends enjoying a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with regular dental checkups. Have you scheduled your annual checkup yet? Call and make your appointment for the new decade with your dentist in Murfreesboro today.    

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