Are Your Old Amalgam Fillings in Trouble?

You may be proud of that old amalgam that you show off from time to time but be careful. Despite good care, your mouth is probably hiding a multitude of sins, including cavities under those old fillings.  You may think your teeth are invincible if they are filled, but sadly, that isn’t the case. Eventually something will break or become infected. Your Murfreesboro Dentist explains that old amalgam fillings can contract and expand over time leaving teeth vulnerable to bacteria and decay.

Replacing Old Amalgam Fillings in Murfreesboro

Your Murfreesboro dentist best determines replacing your old fillings. The dental practice in Tennessee will examine your entire mouth with a comprehensive dental checkup. During your checkup, all of your dental restorations are checked, including old silver amalgam fillings. Your Murfreesboro dentist uses an intra oral camera to examine the inside of the tooth and around the amalgam fillings because amalgam cannot be detected with conventional x-rays,

Restoring Teeth in Murfreesboro

Silver amalgam fillings require more drilling and more removal of the natural tooth. For badly damaged teeth crowns are the next step. After your dentist in Murfreesboro has checked out your photos, the two of you will discuss the options available, including root canal therapy.

Your Old Silver Amalgam Fillings Can Cause Problems

For example, studies show that leaky fillings cause bacteria and decay to enter your bloodstream. Moreover, your old fillings may be dangerous. Linked to heart disease and stroke, bacteria thrive in cracked and broken fillings.

A Beautiful Smile in Murfreesboro

If you have not had your smile inspected, call and schedule a comprehensive dental exam in Murfreesboro. Those old silver amalgam fillings could be hiding something and it is never very pretty. Call and schedule a comprehensive exam with your Murfreesboro dentist today. Keeping your mouth healthy starts with a thorough dental checkup with your dentist. Call today. 

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