Studies indicate that 5000 years ago ancient Egyptian dentists were far ahead of their time when it came to dental care.


The Ancient Egyptians Dentists

Oral hygiene and oral care traces back to around 2000 B.C. and the Egyptians. Hesy-Ra was the first dentist holding the prestigious title of, “Great One of the Dentists.” Records indicate that Hesy Ra was the Chief Operating Officer so to speak of the 9 people trained as dentists in Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptians Teeth and Diet

Because most of the mummified remains of Egyptians indicate wear and tear on teeth.Experts suggest diets weren’t tooth friendly. Filled with lots of raw vegetables, fruits and starchy foods those tough textures weren’t good for their teeth.

Advanced Oral Care with Ancient Egyptian Dentists

Viewed as rockstars, the ancient Egyptian dentists provided oral healthcare to patients as well. Some of those oral ailments were very serious. As a result, early dentists in ancient Egypt treated a loose tooth with herbal mixtures and remedies. Egyptians also drank mouth rinses that would be comparable to today’s antibacterial mouthwashes.

Early Ancient Egyptian dentists also performed jaw surgery, removed dental abscesses, and damaged gums. As a result, ancient Egypt is responsible for paving the way for modern dental technology.

Ancient Dental Bridges

Egyptian dentists are noted for inventing dental bridges using gold wire to attach nearby teeth. Egyptian dentists used thicker gold plated wire restorations to hold teeth in place.

Oral Care for Thousands of Years

While Ancient Egypt was known for exceptional dental care, it wasn’t the only culture that cared about teeth and gums. The Greeks, Romans, and Mayans were all concerned with oral health and helped pave the way for the restorative and cosmetic dentistry that we see today.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to dental techniques from ancient Egyptian dentists. Call or click and talk to a dentist in Murfreesboro for more information today.