Dental Crowns and Restorative Dentistry in Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. Fisher and his team at Fisher Dental are pleased to provide you with the most professional and trusted restorative dental services in the Murfreesboro area. If you have a cavity or are in need of a tooth replacement, our skilled team is able to provide you with all the services you may need to restore your beautiful smile. Our excellent restorative dentistry services include dental crowns, fixed bridges, root canals, tooth extractions, and sedation dentistry.


A dental crown restores the look and function of a discolored or worn tooth, and is a reliable solution for a large cavity or missing tooth. Our team at Fisher Dental will customize your crown and create a cap to fit over your natural tooth. We make sure the crown is colored to blend into your natural tooth color, restoring your beautiful and seamless smile. Made from ceramics or porcelain, your custom crown will leave you with a stronger and healthier tooth and improve your overall oral health.

Fixed Bridges

Missing teeth can cause a variety of oral problems, including shifting teeth, gum disease, and pain. A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that fills the space of your missing one. Using a dental bridge can help prevent these issues, as well as keep the natural shape of your face. At Fisher Dental, we take an impression of the area where the bridge will be placed, and then create a custom bridge to fit your mouth. Once the bridge is sent back from the lab, Dr. Fisher will carefully cement the replacement tooth to the adjacent teeth, restoring your beautiful smile.

Root Canals

To save your tooth from extraction, a root canal treatment and procedure may be performed by Dr. Fisher. In addition to healthy gums and teeth, it is important to also have healthy roots and root canals. These are the connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that run below your teeth. Should inflammation or infection of the root or pulp occur, a root canal procedure is often needed in order to save the tooth from extraction. During the procedure, your mouth will be numbed and your root canal cleaned and filled, preventing future infection and saving your natural tooth. At Fisher Dental, we strive to keep you as comfortable as possible during your root canal treatment. Trust that our highly trained and experienced team will take care of you during your treatment, providing you with excellent results.

Tooth Extractions

In some cases, the removal of your tooth may be the best option. A tooth extraction procedure may be done in the case of wisdom teeth, a broken or highly decayed tooth, or the need to create more space when being fitted for braces. We are committed to keeping you as comfortable as possible during your extraction procedure. Dr. Fisher will provide anesthesia to help you relax, and possibly antibiotics before or after the extraction to prevent infection.

Sedation Dentistry

Our Murfreesboro, TN, team at Fisher Dental is devoted to delivering exceptional service and helping you feel comfortable and cared for. Whether you are receiving a root canal procedure or extraction, trust that our highly skilled team will provide you with quality care. During some procedures, we may use medication to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Fisher and his team will be sure to provide you with the best care and options that you need. We are devoted to creating the most welcoming and pleasant experience for you.